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Women’s Clothing Dry Cleaning Services

Keep all of your delicate fabrics looking new!

Women’s clothing is made of various materials and are often delicate. Ray’s team of experts will make sure that your garments are handled properly and return to you looking fabulous.
A woman’s wardrobe has the ability to turn heads, and when it does, you want to be sure its for the right reasons. We gently clean delicate frabics – silk, velvet, crepe and many other materials to keep your wardrobe vibrant, allowing you to set the tone that you intend to with every piece.
Ray’s custom cleaners inspects every garment in great detail to ensure that it is handled properly from start to finish. We understand how precious your clothing is to you, and use our tried and tested methods to guarantee that your garments are treated properly. This attention to detail promises satisfaction every time you choose Ray’s.

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