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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning in Fort Worth, TX


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Green Earth’s products are some of the best eco friendly cleaning products on the market. For starters, the Green Earth solutions are non-toxic and odorless. This is a huge leap forward in cleaning products when considering all the heat that the dry cleaning industry has taken for causing pollution in the past. Over 30 million dollars of testing and research have been completed to confirm that GreenEarth’s liquid silicone is ecologically friendly and safe to use.

With frequent requests for eco-friendly dry cleaning, and the lack of places to have that service done in Fort Worth, it was only natural that we fill that need for our customers.


We went looking for the best eco-friendly solution on the market, and do believe that we found it. Green Earth is Gentle on all fabrics. No special handling for buttons, trims, sequins or other difficult garments. Ray’s understands the need for change in the dry cleaning chemicals being widely used today, which is why we are now a Green Earth Cleaning Dry Cleaner to better serve you.

Benefits of using our Eco-Friendly & Wet Dry Cleaning Services:

  • Non-Toxicgreen-earth-banner
  • No Oder 
  • No Petrochemicals 
  • Gentler on Clothes 
  • Safe for the Environment 
  • Colors Stay Brighter 
  • Clothes Stay Looking New Longer 

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