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Hemming and Mending Fort Worth Alterations

Hemming and Mending Services

Don’t let a little snag become the focal point of your outfit!
Everyone gets attached to certain pieces of their clothing, and when you get a small whole, tear, or any other damage to your favorite shirt or garment, it can be so disappointing. Thanks to Ray’s hemming and mending services you can have your garments looking as close to new as possible. Our experts use the best available methods to return the focal point of your outfit to what it once was, and not minor blemishes in your garment(s).

A snag, a small tear, pull in the fabric, or any other type of damage is no longer a reason to toss a piece of your wardrobe in the trash.

Ray’s Custom Cleaners’ staff is highly trained and equipped with the skills to fix garments of all types and materials, returning them as close to new condition as possible. Whether it be Chanel, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or Yves Saint Laurent – you can count on our staff to have the right touch to get the job done perfectly.

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